Cat breeds from around the world – Great Britain

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Cat Breeds Around The world- Great Britain

Origins and description of different cat breeds

A short description of some of  the beautiful and varied cat breeds from Great Britain.

Cat Breeds – United Kingdom

British Shorthair

Grey British shorthair cat

The British shorthair was refined into a breed in the 19th century. It has short, dense fur, well- built and strong. It is a smart and affectionate cat and good with children.

The cream British Shorthair is very rare.

British spotted Shorthair

Sometimes called ’Spotties’ they have the pattern of a mackerel Tabby British Shorthair but with the stripes broken up into spots.

British bi-colour Shorthair

Short, dense fur, stocky, muscular cat with round paws. There are four colours British cream and white, British orange and white, British black and white and the British blue and white; all the cats have copper or orange eyes with no green rims.


A distinctive cat with no tail. This cat is known for its longevity, it is friendly and intelligent.

manx cat, a cat with no tail


A man-made breed from selective breeding from Siamese cats without the point pattern. A smart and loving cat.

Three Havana brown kittens


There are two breeds of this curly coated cat, the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex.

rex cat

Scottish Fold

This cat has folded ears, sometimes causing hearing problems.

skittish fold cat

Smoke Longhair

From the cross breeding of Black, blue and Chinchilla Persians, this cat includes three varieties: Black Smoke, Blue Smoke and Smoke Tortoiseshell.

They have a silvery ruff around the neck and are quite distinctive cats in appearance.

Chinchilla Longhair

A soft, pure white coat with a darker underside causing a rippling effect. It is crossbred from Persian cats.

Somali Longhair

A very intelligent cat bred form Abyssinian cats. This cat can learn tricks, but gets bored quickly and needs a lot attention.

The fur is medium long, shaggy and the cat has a nice slender body.

somali cat with a ruddy brown coat

Shorthair Somali

With a handsome, muscular body this cat is very active and has an average life span of fifteen years.

They need company and require a lot of stimulation for their active brains.









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