Siberian Cats

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All about the beautiful and intelligent Siberian cats

Ancestry of Siberian cats.

Their ancestry can be traced back to 13th century Russia.

The first breed standard was developed in 1987 from the stud ’Roman’.

They arrived in Europe and the USA in the 1990’s, and the UK in 2002.


Siberian cat – appearance and personality

Siberian cats are gentle giants who take up to 5 years to reach full maturity.

They are similar to the Maine Coon and Norwegian forest cat, however they have a more barrel-shaped body and a wedge-shaped head.

They have gorgeous, bright and slightly almond shaped eyes, in colours from copper through to green. (Blue is allowed only in the Neva Masquerade varieties).

Siberian cats are energetic, inquisitive and love to play; they form strong bonds with people.

They are clever and are sometimes described as ‘dog-like’. They can be taught to walk on a lead and some will also play ‘fetch’.

They need a lot of stimulation, as being so intelligent they can easily get bored; they do well in pairs for company and play.

These cats enjoy being outside and also love water.

Siberian cats have a lovely and impressive purr.

Siberian cat lying down

Siberian cats have beautiful, thick, semi-long coats in over 100 variations of pattern and colour.

They have tufted paw pads and Lynx tips on their ears.

They need daily grooming.

In winter their fur coats grow longer.

Some people who are allergic to cats can tolerate the Siberian cat.

Cost of a Siberian kitten

Kitten cost upwards of £500.00.

Choose a registered and trusted breeder.

The breed is known in some cases to have HCM – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

To conclude:

Siberian cats make loving and loyal pets.


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