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Do cats have a sixth sense?

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Cats with sixth sense

Does your cat have extra-sensory powers?

Would most cats owners’ answer ‘yes’?


Everything is calm and quiet, there is no noise or movement yet your cat or kitty raises it’s hackles. The term ‘hackles’ means to have the back arched, fur standing up, ears held back, eyes with the pupils dilated, tail twitching and possibly matched with hissing. The cat is in extra-sensory perception arousal, listening, detecting smells and other signals which we are not aware of. Cats can be aware of approaching danger (such as storms, vibrations – including volcanic eruptions, or approaching animals or strangers). Our cats are simply using their finely tuned senses to monitor their surroundings. Cats have amazing brains and intelligence; they may not be ‘mystic’ or have ESP but they are truly astonishing.


In Medieval times cats were linked to witchcraft and were very misunderstood. Some people believed that witches could turn themselves into cats. There are old-wives tales of cats smothering babies and yet a cat would not deliberately harm a baby; they are naturally curious and may want to check out the new arrival to the family. Black cats have been thought to be unlucky and still to this day black cats are harder to re-home than other types of cat. Black cats are magnificent and are as loving as any other type of cat.

Havana cat

Cats have well-developed senses, impressive homing abilities and should never be underestimated.