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Can cats and other animals sense and predict earthquakes and other extreme weather events?

Charlie ShortTail

Can cats and dogs predict earthquakes and other extreme weather events?

Charlie thinks  “Yes, cats and dogs can predict earthquakes”

Many owners and some scientists believe that yes, animals do sense changes before an earthquake or extreme weather event.

Animals are more sensitive to electro-magnetic changes in the earth.

Animals may detect high-frequency sounds that are emitted prior to earthquakes and tsunamis.

Animals have been observed to flee before the extreme weather events occur.

According to The Daily Mail (article by Sarah Griffiths) March 2015 ‘animals can predict earthquakes’.

Griffiths states that:

  • Animals CAN predict earthquakes: Scientists document behavioural changes with seismic activity.
  • Scientists filmed the behaviour of animals in Peru before an earthquake and found that many fled to lower ground and holed up days before the event.
  • Expert from Anglia Ruskin University said rodents are extra sensitive.
  • Study suggests animals respond to disturbances in the ionosphere.
  • Positive ions in the air lead to disagreeable side effects in animals.

Earthquake rubble

Can cats and other animals predict earthquakes? The earliest reference of unusual animal behaviour before earthquakes.

There is anecdotal evidence of unusual or bizarre behaviour by animals before an earthquake that dates back to 373 BCE in Greece. (According to the US Geological Survey)

The Greeks observed that rats fled from the city of Helice days before the major earthquake struck.

Animal Planet documents theories about how cats and other animals might sense these impending seismic shifts, including the ability to detect the vibrations that occur before an earthquake, known as primary waves (P waves).


What do cats, dogs and other animals sense before earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme weather events?

Cats and other animals are more sensitive to earthquake-related electromagnetic field variations.

Dogs have extraordinary hearing and some scientists think that dogs flee from extreme weather events because they can hear the high-frequency sounds that are caused by earthquakes.

Dogs and other animals survived a Tsunami by fleeing before the event.


Why do pets show seemingly bizarre behaviour before earthquakes and extreme weather events?

These behaviours are driven by fear and are part of your pets’ natural survival instincts.

Cats and dogs may start exhibiting odd behaviours anywhere from weeks to seconds before an earthquake hits. Scientists question as to whether this behaviour is due to the weather events or other circumstances.

Pet owners’ may be certain themselves that their cat or dog was displaying very unusual behaviours not normally seen.


The National Geographic reports that “Sheldrake did his own study looking at animal reactions before major tremors, including the Northridge, California, quake in 1994, and the Greek and Turkish quakes in 1999.

In all cases, he said, there were reports of peculiar behaviour beforehand, including dogs howling in the night mysteriously, caged birds becoming restless, and cats behaving nervously, vocalising and hiding.”

Japan and the study of whether cats and fish can predict earthquakes

Japan is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries. The devastation has caused the loss of many lives and left enormous damage to property. Researchers in Japan have studied animals for a long time to try to discover what they hear or feel before the Earth shakes. They hope to use this knowledge to help predict earthquakes in the future.

Mitsuaki Ota, a professor of veterinary science at Azabu University states that “Electromagnetic waves are emitted before an earthquake happens. Animals have the ability to detect these electromagnetic waves,” Ota says. “Actually, the Thais showed that after last year’s Indian Ocean tsunami caused by an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra that not a single animal was killed by the wave. The only answer I can offer for that is that the animals detected the earthquake and then fled to safety.”


Companion Animal psychology has an article discussing animals and the prediction of earthquakes in Japan. They document that “Japanese scientists Hiroyuki Yamauchi et al (2014) conducted an internet survey of pet owners. As well as obtaining demographic information about pets, they asked about any unusual behaviour exhibited in the minutes, hours and days prior to the earthquake. The checklist included things like howling and barking (for dogs), vocalizing (for cats), trembling, being restless, and escaping.

Of those who reported unusual behaviours in dogs, they were most commonly observed immediately prior to the earthquake, in the seconds and minutes before it hit (60% of cases). 16.7% said it happened from 1 to a few hours before. In cats with unusual behaviour, 44.6% showed it immediately prior and 30.4% in the few hours before the earthquake. Some owners reported changes 6 or more days before (6.3% of dogs and 2.9% of cats with unusual behaviour).”

The Japanese continue their studies in the hope that our pets may help us to predict future earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme weather events and in doing so, saves lives.

walking tabby cat

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ginger cat meows

Music for Cats

Charlie ShortTail

New Music Album is released specifically designed for cats

I heard in the news that the album had been released. Music for cats.

This is a first for me and will probably be number one on my Christmas list…

I look forward to testing the music with my best friend Lando and my ‘huMum’.

For now here is a short summary about the album:

Music for cats by David Tele

Music for Cats is the first album not written and composed for people, but for cats.

This is the first music album written especially for cats and released by a major record label.

The ‘Music for Cats’ album has currently topped the charts.

Grey and white cat lying down

The music is said to have a proven effect on cats

The music claims to have a ‘scientifically proven’ effect on my furry cat friends.

The album is composed of sounds which are cat-friendly and at a frequency level and range of our feline hearing.

The music was part of a scientific study by the University of Wisconsin, America.

The study demonstrated that us cats showed a significant preference for the ‘cat designed’ music.

The music is supposed to give relaxed and happy feelings to your cat.

The sounds include low strings and cat purrs.

Testing the cat music:

Have a look at some fellow cats testing out the cat Music album:

Music for cats by David Tele.



Try out the music on your cat and let Charlie know if you best friend approves.



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Black and white tom cat waiting for dinner

Charlie’s friends and pawtraits -Felix

Charlie ShortTail

Introducing – Felix-“Fifi”

This is my old pal Felix, a black and white tom cat with a rather large appetite and a very loud meow!

He is a bit of a bruiser and tends to get into a lot of fights -he defends his territory fiercely against any cat, dog or squirrel. This means he has had a catalogue of war wounds, especially on his head; but he’s a tough guy.

Why the “Wifi”? He is such a boy that he had to have a girly nickname.

Felix lives with his sister Gertie Gertrude (a pretty and tiny ragdoll-mix, black cat).

Gertie loves to hide inside cupboards and bags, maybe to get away from Felix!

black rag doll cat hiding inside bag

They didn’t have good start in life, but were adopted by their dad and now he has his own family and they are part of a very happy house.

Felix is getting older and is now spending more time at home. He likes to help dad on the computer and hide in the little girls’ “wendy house’.

Felix is very laid back and friendly, however if you leave your feet outside the duvet he will have a go!

Black and white tom cat lying down
Chilling out…

Charlie loves Felix’s batman look!

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charlie shorttail ginger cat meowing

The big meow – hello

Charlie ShortTail

The big meow with Charlie ShortTail

Hi I’m Charlie ShortTail and I have a lot to say.

Welcome to the big meow  – this is where I get the chance to speak. Although Mama would say I never stop!

I talk to my furriends on twitter everyday and sometimes use my banana phone for private cat chats… He He.

Lando my big brofur is a connoisseur (cat who knows a lot about certain stuff) on banana toys, and in fact cat nip toys in general.

 He likes to give all toys a good product testing, including biting, kicking, slobbering and a general good beating up.

I’m a little more relaxed wiv my toys and life in general. Sleeping is a speciality mine, I love to nap and chill out in my bed.

I like to write about my adventures and fun times in a bit more detail sometimes ; such as my awful experience wiv tar.

Charlie and the awful tar episode


Cats are amazing, we are cuddly, fun and have so many talents. These are a few of my favourite cat facts:

Us cats can make over 100 sounds and dogs only about 10… Oh dear!

laughing-cat Cats laugh!

I can run faster than Usian Bolt ( but only when I feel like it).


People who own cats live longer and are less likely to die of a heart attack and stroke.


My purrs are healing…


Some friends with a lot to say too


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