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Lovecats introduces ‘Charlie ShortTail’ -a fun, cute ginger and white cat who has a lot to say.

Charlie ShortTail posts on the ‘big meow”  and on twitter.



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Charlie has been writing lots of articles about cats:

Charlie ShortTail and the Horrid Creature    Charlie ShortTail has a scary encounter with “the Horrid Creature”. I was out …2017/06/13the big meow2017-06-13 20:19:35
Charlie and the awful tar episodeTar on my cat paws I came home today with tar on my paws. Mama …2017/05/07caring for your cat, Looking after cats, the big meow2017-05-07 13:00:18
Why do cats like sitting in boxes of all sizes and even bags, drawers and bowls?Why does your cat like boxes? Holly O Purr relaxes in her box. Understanding why …2017/03/19caring for your cat, cats facts, Looking after cats2017-03-19 12:53:41
Can cats and other animals sense and predict earthquakes and other extreme weather events?Can cats and dogs predict earthquakes and other extreme weather events? Many owners and some …2017/02/23cats facts, Stories2017-02-23 16:14:06
Do cats have arms or legs?Why do cats have legs and not arms? Cats generally get around on all four …2017/02/05cats facts2017-02-05 16:11:01
Charlie’s furriends and pawtraits – Lando EnzoCharlie ShortTails’s brother ‘Lando Enzo’ This is my very special brother ‘Lando Enzo’. He is …2017/01/21Pawtraits, the big meow2017-01-21 16:18:39
Charlie’s furriends and Pawtraits – introducing Mz. ChaosCharlie’s furriends and pawtraits Introducing Mz. Chaos Chaos is a little tortoiseshell cat. She is …2017/01/21Pawtraits, the big meow2017-01-21 15:36:56
Why do female cats screech after mating and attack the male?Why do female cats screech during mating? It is well observed that the female cat …2017/01/15cats facts2017-01-15 18:01:18
Images and photos of beautiful catsCharlie and cats Images of beautiful cats:  2016/11/11cat breeds, cats facts, Looking after cats, the big meow2016-11-11 13:01:06
Abyssinian Cats – all about this beautiful and intelligent breed.Origins of the Abyssinian Cat – breed history Abyssinian cats are thought to have been …2016/11/09cat breeds, cats facts2016-11-09 11:19:50
Turkish Van catCharacteristics of the Turkish Van Turkish Van cats are a rare breed of domestic cat. …2016/10/30cat breeds, cats facts2016-10-30 13:32:05
What to expect as your cat gets olderHealth and behavioural changes in ageing cat Ageing is a normal process and most cats …2016/10/25caring for your cat, Looking after cats2016-10-25 20:18:57
Dementia in older cats – symptoms, care and treatmentDementia in older cats is becoming more common as our pets live longer Do cats …2016/10/21caring for your cat, cats facts, Looking after cats2016-10-21 16:15:12
Music for CatsNew Music Album is released specifically designed for cats I heard in the news that …2016/10/19Stories, the big meow2016-10-19 07:58:12
Healing power of your cats purrAll about your cat’s purr and how purring helps to heal Cats don’t just purr …2016/10/18cats facts2016-10-18 11:02:08
Persian CatsAbout Persian Cats Persian cats are one of those instantly recognisable cat breeds that command …2016/10/16cat breeds, Looking after cats2016-10-16 12:38:12
Siberian Cats  All about the beautiful and intelligent Siberian cats Ancestry of Siberian cats. Their ancestry …2016/10/15cat breeds, cats facts2016-10-15 10:59:32
Charlie’s friends and pawtraits -FelixIntroducing – Felix-“Fifi” This is my old pal Felix, a black and white tom cat …2016/10/14Pawtraits, Stories, the big meow2016-10-14 11:04:48
A good diet for my catA healthy diet for your cat What should I feed my cat? How can I …2016/10/12caring for your cat, Looking after cats2016-10-12 11:56:11
Cat Behaviour – understanding your catUnderstanding your cat’s behaviour Why does my cat behave like this? Watch and observe your …2016/10/09caring for your cat, cats facts, Looking after cats2016-10-09 16:04:43
House plants that are toxic to catsWhich house plants are harmful to cats? Common house plants can be poisonous or cause …2016/10/09caring for your cat2016-10-09 13:12:24
The big meow – helloThe big meow with Charlie ShortTail Hi I’m Charlie ShortTail and I have a lot …2016/09/22Pawtraits, Stories, the big meow2016-09-22 11:51:05
Which cat breed to choose – cat personalitiesWhich cat breed to choose based on personality Which breed of cat will be most …2016/09/22cat breeds, cats facts, Looking after cats2016-09-22 11:08:58
Wow- 10 more facts about cats10 more great facts about cats 1. Cats use their lips and nose to sense …2016/09/21cats facts, Looking after cats2016-09-21 16:03:52
Very Clever CatsClever Cats -how brainy is your cat? Very Clever Cats can: Sit, stand or roll …2016/09/21cats facts, Test your cat, training cats2016-09-21 13:30:50
More facts about your cat15 More Amazing Facts about your Cat Amazing cat facts:   A cat’s average body …2016/09/21cats facts, training cats2016-09-21 13:06:10
Cat breeds from around the world – North AmericaCat breeds- North America A stunning male Opicat Ocicat Named from the wild Ocelet, as …2016/09/21cat breeds, cats facts2016-09-21 12:14:20
Cat breeds from around the world – Europe and RussiaCat Breeds -Europe and Russia   The magnificent Norwegian forest cat. Norwegian Forest cat An …2016/09/21cat breeds, cats facts2016-09-21 12:04:34
Cat breeds around the world – the Middle East and AfricaCat breeds -Middle East and Africa The very beautiful and revered Abyssinian cat. Abyssinian Thought …2016/09/21cat breeds, cats facts2016-09-21 11:57:05
Cat Breeds from around the world – AsiaCat breeds from Asia: Birman, Siamese, Korat, Burmese, Japanese Bobtail and Singapura. Cat Breeds – …2016/09/21cat breeds, cats facts2016-09-21 11:49:31
Cat breeds from around the world – Great BritainCat Breeds Around The world- Great Britain Origins and description of different cat breeds A …2016/09/21cat breeds2016-09-21 11:37:01
First aid for cats and kittensSimple first aid for cats and advice on looking after your cat or kitten First …2016/09/19caring for your cat, cats facts, Looking after cats2016-09-19 10:22:00
All you need to know about cat fleas and how to get rid of themCats and Fleas You can prevent fleas becoming a problem by regularly treating both your …2016/09/15caring for your cat, cats facts, Looking after cats2016-09-15 15:45:50
Test your catHow clever is your cat? Charlie says never underestimate your cat. Charlie can run faster …2016/09/13cats facts, Test your cat, training cats2016-09-13 15:44:58