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Black and white tom cat waiting for dinner

Introducing – Felix-“Fifi”

This is my old pal Felix, a black and white tom cat with a rather large appetite and a very loud meow!

He is a bit of a bruiser and tends to get into a lot of fights -he defends his territory fiercely against any cat, dog or squirrel. This means he has had a catalogue of war wounds, especially on his head; but he’s a tough guy.

Why the “Wifi”? He is such a boy that he had to have a girly nickname.

Felix lives with his sister Gertie Gertrude (a pretty and tiny ragdoll-mix, black cat).

Gertie loves to hide inside cupboards and bags, maybe to get away from Felix!

black rag doll cat hiding inside bag

They didn’t have good start in life, but were adopted by their dad and now he has his own family and they are part of a very happy house.

Felix is getting older and is now spending more time at home. He likes to help dad on the computer and hide in the little girls’ “wendy house’.

Felix is very laid back and friendly, however if you leave your feet outside the duvet he will have a go!

Black and white tom cat lying down
Chilling out…

Charlie loves Felix’s batman look!

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