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New Music Album is released specifically designed for cats

I heard in the news that the album had been released. Music for cats.

This is a first for me and will probably be number one on my Christmas list…

I look forward to testing the music with my best friend Lando and my ‘huMum’.

For now here is a short summary about the album:

Music for cats by David Tele

Music for Cats is the first album not written and composed for people, but for cats.

This is the first music album written especially for cats and released by a major record label.

The ‘Music for Cats’ album has currently topped the charts.

Grey and white cat lying down

The music is said to have a proven effect on cats

The music claims to have a ‘scientifically proven’ effect on my furry cat friends.

The album is composed of sounds which are cat-friendly and at a frequency level and range of our feline hearing.

The music was part of a scientific study by the University of Wisconsin, America.

The study demonstrated that us cats showed a significant preference for the ‘cat designed’ music.

The music is supposed to give relaxed and happy feelings to your cat.

The sounds include low strings and cat purrs.

Testing the cat music:

Have a look at some fellow cats testing out the cat Music album:

Music for cats by David Tele.



Try out the music on your cat and let Charlie know if you best friend approves.



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