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Which cat breed to choose – cat personalities

Charlie ShortTail

Which cat breed to choose based on personality

Which breed of cat will be most suitable for your family and lifestyle?

Lively, active and needing a lot of attention

Abyssinian, Balinese, Burmese, Cornish and Devon Rex, Egyptian Mau, Javanese, Oriental Short and Longhairs, Russian Blue, Siamese, Somali and Tonkinese.

These intelligent cats needs stimulation, company and the opportunity to play and exercise.

abbysinian cat
Siamese cat meowing

Vocal Cats

Balinese, Japanese Bobtail, Javanese, Oriental Long and Shorthairs, Siamese and Tonkinese.

These cats are opinionated and have plenty to say; they are beautiful and respond well to lots of attention.


Lap cats – friendly and a little less active

American Wirehair, Birman, British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan,

Persian, Ragdoll, and the Snowshoe.

They love a nice quiet cuddle and do not need constant attention and play.

Cream Persian

Quiet and watchful cats

American Wirehair, Birman, British Shorthair, Korat, Scottish Fold, Havana Brown.

grey british shorthair cat
British Shorthair
korat cat

Cats that need a lot of Grooming

Maine Coon (also very friendly), Norwegian Forest cat, Persian, Ragdoll, Longhaired Scottish Fold.

Himalayan Persian
Maine Coon

Choosing a cat

Choose a cat wisely to fit in with your lifestyle and family.

Kittens need a lot of attention and care, so it may be that an older cat is more suitable.

Always take care to get a cat from a registered breeder, cat shelter or from a known and trusted source.

Charlie says “cats make great best friends”.


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Wow- 10 more facts about cats

Charlie ShortTail

10 more great facts about cats

1. Cats use their lips and nose to sense temperature.

Their bodies have low sensitivity to temperature which is why your cay may sit so close to a fire it may singe its’ fur.


2. Cats can see in light so dim that scientific instruments struggle to detect it.


3. Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.

Ginger babies
Ginger babies

4. The world’s largest cat measured 48.5 inches long.

large maine coon cat
Not me, but a Maine coon just like me.

5. Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.


6. Female cats are typically right-pawed while male cats are typically left-pawded.


7. Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs; especially when they learn by actually doing rather than simply seeing.

Basically, cats have a lower social IQ than dogs, but can solve more difficult cognitive problems when they feel like it.


8. Cats have 1,000 times more data storage than an iPad.


9. Cats only sweat through their foot pads.

cats paw hi five

10.The Egyptian Mau is the oldest breed of cat.


Charlie says “are gingers the friendliest type of cat?”

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Very Clever Cats

Charlie ShortTail

Clever Cats -how brainy is your cat?

Very Clever Cats can:

Sit, stand or roll over on command.

ginger cat sitting up on back legs

Meow or make a noise on command.

meowing tabby cat

Use the human toilet instead of a litter tray.

Can balance on their back legs for 5 seconds or more.


Can walk on their back legs for a short distance.


Is your cat really clever?


This is a good read….

charlie shorttail ginger cat meowing

Charlie ShortTail says “I’m not very, very, very clever cat… but I am loyal and cuddly”.

If you would like to train your cat or kitten there are some very useful and informative books written that can give a much better understanding of how to train your cat to follow commands, use a toilet and learn tricks. Test your cat’s IQ with a series of simple games.


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More facts about your cat

Charlie ShortTail

15 More Amazing Facts about your Cat

Amazing cat facts:

white and grey cat lifting paw up


  1. A cat’s average body temperature is 38.6°c (which is why they always find the warmest place).

2. There are over 100 breeds of cat.


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3. Cats scratch to mark their territory – they have sweat glands between the paw pads and they secrete a scent which is passed on by the scratching action.

cats paw hi five

4. Cats can problem solve (knocking something over to get what is inside).

5. Cats have very good memories (but tend to use it for what is important to them). Cats have better long-term memories than dogs.

older russian blue cat face

6. Cats have homing ability, a built in navigation system similar to birds. Cats are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field.


7. Cats can learn tricks such as sit, eat with paws, roll over, fetch, Hi five; however you will need lots of patience.

white cat with heart

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8. In deep sleep your cat’s brain is as active as when it is awake.

9. Cats have binocular vision- three dimensional sight for hunting.

10. Cats can distinguish between colours.

11. If your cat followed its mother around on hunting trips it is more likely to want to go for walks with you.

white cat walks along path

12. White cats with blue eyes are often deaf.

white kitten with blue eyes

13. Cats can turn their ears 180°. They can also move their ears independently.

Hearing is your cats strongest sense.

tabby cat listens

14. Cats have 32 teeth, 16 on the top and 14 on the bottom.

cats teeth and mouth

15. Cats cannot move their jaws sideways; therefore cats do not chew.

three maine coon cats

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pure breed cats

Cat breeds from around the world – Europe and Russia

Charlie ShortTail

Cat Breeds -Europe and Russia


Norwegian forest cat

The magnificent Norwegian forest cat.

Norwegian Forest cat

An ancient and magnificent forest cat. Its features are similar to the American Maine Coon.

It is muscular, with large round eyes, with claws that enable it to climb rock walls.

White Longhair

White Persian- the pure white coat is silky and dense with a full frill around the neck.

They are affectionate and loving cats. Many of the blue-eyed white cats are born deaf.

Black Longhair (Black Persian)

A rare breed as the glossy black colour is difficult to breed as flecks of white or rust can show up in some kittens.

Cameo Longhair

This cat was bred from Smoke and Tortoiseshell Persians.

The Cameo has a fur with a very short colour-tipping which can give it a cloudy appearance.

Bicolour Longhair

These cats feature a solid colour with a white muzzle, chest, undersides and feet.

They have a lion-like frill around the neck and a thick, dense, silky fur coat.

Tortoiseshell Longhair

This is a very rare breed, which is always female due to genetic make-up necessary to produce the Tortoiseshell Persian.

Russian Blue

An elegant cat, similar to the Egyptian cat. A quiet and shy cat with a grey-blue thick coat.


European Shorthair

Varieties of white, red, tortoiseshell, brown tabby, and tortoiseshell-and –white cats.


They are said to have dog-like intelligence. They are large, gentle cats with thick, medium long fur.


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pure breed cats

Cat breeds around the world – the Middle East and Africa

Charlie ShortTail

Cat breeds -Middle East and Africa

abbysinian cat

The very beautiful and revered Abyssinian cat.


Thought to be direct descendants of the sacred temple cats of Egypt. Very intelligent cats which learn to do tricks quickly.


Angora cats were the first long-haired cats to be brought to Europe. They are well-mannered cats with an affectionate nature.

The fur is silky, fine-textured and thicker on the under-side.

Turkish Van

An angora cat from Turkey. An intelligent if slightly lazy cat, water loving and peaceful in nature.

The cats are chestnut and white coloured and have heavy fur with small paws.

turkish van cat

Egyptian Mau

Similar in build to Abyssinian cats, reputed to be direct descendants from the temple cats.

egyptian mau cat

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pure breed cats

Cat Breeds from around the world – Asia

Charlie ShortTail

Cat breeds from Asia: Birman, Siamese, Korat, Burmese, Japanese Bobtail and Singapura.

Cat Breeds – Asia


It is speculated that the cats first lived in the Buddhist temples of Burma. They have a white or pale-tinted coat with darker points.

The Birman’s coat is softer and silkier than that of a Persian cat. The Birman cat is also known as the Sacred cat of Burma.



Revered cats around the court of Siam. They have strong personalities and they are very vocal. Siamese cats be trained to walk on a lead.



A rare breed from Thailand, with large green eyes and a blue coat with a silvery sheen, it is a beautiful cat.

korat cat


The Burmese is not as vocal as the Siamese but is highly adaptable and will tolerate travel well.


Japanese Bobtail

A unique ancient Japanese breed with a short curled ’tail’. It is intelligent and will attach itself to the entire family.


Small and quiet cats. They have a street ancestry, living wild and seeking shelter in drains and quiet places.

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