15 More Amazing Facts about your Cat

A cat’s average body temperature is 38.6°c (which is why they always find the warmest place). There are over 100 breeds of cat. Cats scratch to mark their territory – they have sweat glands between the paw pads and they secrete a scent which is passed on by the scratching action. Cats can problem solve … Read more

Healing Power of Your Cats Purr

Your cat’s purr is a powerful healing sound. The vibrating sound is produced by rhythmic contractions in the larynx and diaphragm muscles. Studies have shown that this sound can reduce stress levels and improve health. It also helps lower blood pressure. These are just a few of the benefits of your cat’s purr. Your cat’s … Read more

Why Do Female Cats Screech After Mating And Attack The Male?

Do you ever wonder why domestic cats scream during sexual intercourse and sometimes even attack their male partner? The reason for this is simple. A cat’s body releases hormones in the heat, including adrenaline and oxytocin, that make them more aggressive, excitable, and playful. And these hormones affect their sex drive and sexual behaviors. For … Read more

Do Cats Have Arms Or Legs?

Many believe cats have arms, but this is only partially accurate. They have four legs, including the back leg and two knees. The front leg is called a tibia, and the back is called the hind leg. However, the bones in the front leg resemble arms and legs, and cats walk on tiptoes. This is … Read more

How to Test Your Cat’s Intelligence

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how intelligent your cat is, but you can do a few things to measure whether your cat is smart. One way to test your cat’s intelligence is to ask him questions and see if he can answer them correctly. Another way to measure your cat’s intelligence … Read more