15 More Amazing Facts about your Cat

  1. A cat’s average body temperature is 38.6°c (which is why they always find the warmest place).
  2. There are over 100 breeds of cat.
  3. Cats scratch to mark their territory – they have sweat glands between the paw pads and they secrete a scent which is passed on by the scratching action.
  4. Cats can problem solve (knocking something over to get what is inside).
  5. Cats have very good memories (but tend to use it for what is important to them). Cats have better long-term memories than dogs.
  6. Cats have homing ability, a built in navigation system similar to birds. Cats are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field.
  7. Cats can learn tricks such as sit, eat with paws, roll over, fetch, Hi five; however you will need lots of patience.
  8. In deep sleep your cat’s brain is as active as when it is awake.
  9. Cats have binocular vision- three dimensional sight for hunting.
  10. Cats can distinguish between colours.
  11. If your cat followed its mother around on hunting trips it is more likely to want to go for walks with you.
  12. White cats with blue eyes are often deaf.
  13. Cats can turn their ears 180°. They can also move their ears independently. Hearing is your cats strongest sense.
  14. Cats have 32 teeth, 16 on the top and 14 on the bottom.
  15. Cats cannot move their jaws sideways; therefore cats do not chew.

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