Dwarfism In Cats – Everything You Need To Know

Dwarfism in cats was created by a mutation in the gene that causes the production of growth hormones. Dwarfism in cats is a genetic disorder passed down from parents to offspring. It is important to note that dwarfism in cats is not contagious and does not affect the lifespan of cats. It is important to … Read more

Why Do Female Cats Screech After Mating And Attack The Male?

Do you ever wonder why domestic cats scream during sexual intercourse and sometimes even attack their male partner? The reason for this is simple. A cat’s body releases hormones in the heat, including adrenaline and oxytocin, that make them more aggressive, excitable, and playful. And these hormones affect their sex drive and sexual behaviors. For … Read more

Can Cats And Other Animals Sense And Predict Earthquakes And Other Extreme Weather Events?

Scientists disagree about the way that animals sense and predict earthquakes, but they know that animals can detect tremors before they are felt by humans. Some animals, such as dogs, are able to detect even the tiniest tremors. A study by Dr. Stanley Coren suggests that dogs can sense the presence of earthquakes, though he … Read more

Do Cats Have Lips?

Yes, cats do have lips. The lips are located on the inside of the mouth, and they move when the cat talks. They have a small pore at the corner of their mouth called a meibomian gland. This is what makes them look like they have lips. Cats have very sensitive tongues that are used … Read more

Do Cats Have Arms Or Legs?

Many believe cats have arms, but this is only partially accurate. They have four legs, including the back leg and two knees. The front leg is called a tibia, and the back is called the hind leg. However, the bones in the front leg resemble arms and legs, and cats walk on tiptoes. This is … Read more

How to Test Your Cat’s Intelligence

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how intelligent your cat is, but you can do a few things to measure whether your cat is smart. One way to test your cat’s intelligence is to ask him questions and see if he can answer them correctly. Another way to measure your cat’s intelligence … Read more