Cat breeds from around the world – Europe and Russia

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Cat Breeds -Europe and Russia


Norwegian forest cat

The magnificent Norwegian forest cat.

Norwegian Forest cat

An ancient and magnificent forest cat. Its features are similar to the American Maine Coon.

It is muscular, with large round eyes, with claws that enable it to climb rock walls.

White Longhair

White Persian- the pure white coat is silky and dense with a full frill around the neck.

They are affectionate and loving cats. Many of the blue-eyed white cats are born deaf.

Black Longhair (Black Persian)

A rare breed as the glossy black colour is difficult to breed as flecks of white or rust can show up in some kittens.

Cameo Longhair

This cat was bred from Smoke and Tortoiseshell Persians.

The Cameo has a fur with a very short colour-tipping which can give it a cloudy appearance.

Bicolour Longhair

These cats feature a solid colour with a white muzzle, chest, undersides and feet.

They have a lion-like frill around the neck and a thick, dense, silky fur coat.

Tortoiseshell Longhair

This is a very rare breed, which is always female due to genetic make-up necessary to produce the Tortoiseshell Persian.

Russian Blue

An elegant cat, similar to the Egyptian cat. A quiet and shy cat with a grey-blue thick coat.


European Shorthair

Varieties of white, red, tortoiseshell, brown tabby, and tortoiseshell-and –white cats.


They are said to have dog-like intelligence. They are large, gentle cats with thick, medium long fur.


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