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Do cats have lips?

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Cats do have lips

Our feline friends do indeed have lips. As mammals, they are born with the ability to suck or suckle (this is known as a primary reflex). This is instinctive behaviour and does not need to be learned.


Cats lips

The lips tend to be small and may be hidden with fur. The bottom lip is fuller, whilst the top lip is quite thin and not clearly visible. The lips contain a scent gland; this gland is used for marking territory. Your cat may also rub against you to mark you as his or her own. If you bring something new into to your home your cat will rub against it and leave it’s scent on the new object.


If a cat has a swollen lip he or she may have been stung by an insect or have rubbed against a plant causing an allergic reaction.

The colour of cat lips

White and lighter coloured cats, including ginger cats tend to have pink lips. Black, grey and tabby cats generally have black lips, although some cats may have lips which are pink and black (common in tortoiseshell cats).



The pink lower lip of this cat is clearly seen, whilst the thinner upper lip is covered in fur.