Top 11 Russian Cat Breeds

Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat is a rare cat that has been bred for thousands of years. They have a very thick coat that is soft and wavy. They are medium-sized cats that can weigh between 5 and 11 pounds. The coat of the Siberian is a combination of a curly and straight type. Their eyes are almond-shaped, and their ears are erect and pointed. The paws of the Siberian are medium-sized and round. The Siberian cat has a medium-sized body, and they have a long tail. The Siberian cat is known to be a loving and affectionate cat that enjoys playing with its owners. Siberians are very smart and very curious, with a gentle nature.

Amur Leopard Cat

The Amur Leopard cat has very distinctive features. It has large ears that stick out from its head and a twice as long as its body tail. The fur is rich, dark gray, and the face is black. It has a large head, a thick neck, a short muzzle, and large eyes. It has a white chest and belly and a black stripe that runs down its back. It is a medium-sized cat, the males weigh about 30 pounds, and the females weigh about 25 pounds. They can grow to over 100 pounds.

Donskoy Cat

The Donskoy cat is a breed of domestic cat that was created in the 19th century in Russia. They were bred for hunting and show purposes.

The Donskoy cat has a large head, a short back, a short tail, a broad chest, and a slender body. Its fur is a mixture of white, black, and brown. Also, it has a white spot on its forehead and a white spot on its nose. The Donskoy is very affectionate and loves to be home. It is very playful and likes to play.

Peterbald Cat

The Peterbald cat has the coat color of a white cat and has a black spot on its forehead. It is the only known cat breed with a black spot on its forehead. It has been called after a German veterinarian, Dr. Peterbald, who discovered the trait in 1891. The Peterbald cat is a rare breed of cat. It has a short coat, meaning there is no long hair anywhere on its body. It makes the cat look like a bald man. But there are other features of the Peterbald cat. Its ears are not flat against its head but point like a typical cat’s ears. And its tail is bushy and round.

Toybob Cat

The Toybob cat is a medium-sized hunting cat with a long tail. It has a short snout and a pointed nose. its ears are set low on the head and are rounded. The eyes are dark brown, thick, short, soft, and dense double coat.

It has a white undercoat and a black guard hair coat. This cat can be in various colors, from solid black to white, with black spots. It is a good hunter and is a perfect guard animal that can make loud meow and a deep, husky growl.

Kurilian Bobtail Cat

The Kurilian Bobtail cat is a rare cat native to the Kuril Islands in Russia. These cats are very affectionate, intelligent, and have a gentle temperament. They exist in many colors, including black, brown, white, blue, tabby, and tortoiseshell. The Kurilian Bobtail cat has a distinctive coat of fur, which is short, thick, and curly. The Kurilian Bobtail cat’s tail is unique, with a tuft of hair at the base. This tuft of hair helps them balance while walking on rough terrain. Kurilian Bobtails are known to be very intelligent, and they are very vocal. They are known for their playful nature and love of attention.

Mekong Bobtail Cat

The Mekong Bobtail cat is a breed that was developed in China as a unique breed of domestic cat. It has a long body with short legs and a tail almost twice as long as its body. It has a distinctive white spot under each eye. It has a round head with a broad muzzle and ears that are long and pointed. It has a thick, fluffy coat in many colors, including black, fawn, blue, or cinnamon. They are known to be very playful and active.

Lap Cat

The lap cat is a breed of cat that was developed in the 1960s. They were originally bred as hunting pets, but they have become popular pets for people who want a lap cat. It is a very affectionate and friendly breed. They love to snuggle, and they are always ready to cuddle. They are very playful and active and love chasing after balls and toys. The lap cat has a thick coat that is short, soft, and shiny. The coat comes in various colors: black, white, fawn, and tan. The lap cat has a round face, large eyes, and a broad nose. They also have a tail that is bushy and curved.

Ural Rex Cat

The Ural Rex cat has a long, lean body, muscular legs, and shoulders. Its head is large and round with a short, broad muzzle, large set-high ears, and a thick and bushy tail. The Ural Rex cat has a medium-length, soft coat that is a mixture of gray, white, and black. Its coat is very soft and dense. The Ural Rex cat is very affectionate and loving, enjoys being close to people, and loves attention. The Ural Rex cat is very independent, bold, and courageous. It likes to go for walks and explore new places. The Ural Rex cat is curious and likes to play with its toys. It enjoys playing with other cats and will often play with them. It will also play with other animals, such as dogs and birds.

Ussuri Cat

The Ussuri cat is a breed of cat that originated in the Ussuri region of Russia. The Ussuri cat is a medium-sized, unique coloring pattern cat with a firm jawline and a broad chest. It has a dark body with white markings around its eyes, nose, and paws with short and dense coats. The Ussuri cat is an active cat that is playful and independent.

Neva Masquerade Cat

The Neva Masquerade cat is a beautiful sizeable domestic shorthair breed of cat. It is known for its unique appearance, kind behavior, friendly personality, and affectionate nature. Their coats come in various colors: white, black, red, blue, or gray, with distinctive short faces with a pointed nose, round ears, and long tails. They are very intelligent and love to play with their owners.


In conclusion, cats from Russia have some of the most unique and exciting features of any cat breed. It makes them perfect for those who want to learn about this fascinating animal.


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