Cat breeds around the world – the Middle East and Africa

Abbysinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is a breed of domestic cat originating from Ethiopia. The Abyssinian cat has a long body with a short tail and a distinctive facial profile. It has a medium-sized head and a broad chest, with a long neck. The fur is short, soft, and silky, with a dense undercoat and a fluffy topcoat. It has a characteristic black nose, a white throat, and a black or dark brown eye. The Abyssinian cat is a versatile and intelligent pet. They are known for being affectionate and loyal. The Abyssinian cat is a great choice for first-time cat owners.

Angora Cat

The Angora cat is a breed of cat that originated in Europe and has been around for centuries. It has a very soft, long, dense fur that is commonly referred to as “Angora” or “Angora hair”. The color of the fur varies from cream to light gray to dark brown. They are a very popular pet, and they are known for being a very affectionate breed. Angoras are not always friendly towards other cats or dogs. They can be very protective of their territory and will usually fight if another animal tries to invade their territory. They come in many colors like white, black, cream, red, and blue. They can be great pets.

The Turkish Van Cat

The Turkish Van Cat is a breed of domestic cat that originated in Turkey. They were developed as a cross between a Turkish Van and a Domestic Short Hair, both of which are shorthair breeds. The Turkish Van cat has a short coat that is slightly wavy and very soft. It has a round head, a broad face, large eyes, and a short, thick tail. The Turkish Van cat is medium sized, and weighs around 10 pounds. These cats are very affectionate, playful, intelligent, and have a beautiful silky coat. They are the perfect companion for anyone who loves cats.

The Egyptian Mau Cat

The Egyptian Mau cat is a breed of domestic cat that was developed by crossing two domestic breeds, the Abyssinian and the British Shorthair. It is a very rare breed of cat that is known for its beautiful, flowing coat. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful cat in the world. The Egyptian Mau is a medium sized cat with a short tail, a distinctive profile, and a very soft, silky fur. It has large, round eyes and a round face. It is the largest breed of cat in the world. They are known for their beautiful, large ears. Their fur is short and dense. Their coat is a combination of a black mask with a white bib. They have a unique personality and are very affectionate. They are also very intelligent and make wonderful companions.

Asiatic cheetah cat

The Asiatic cheetah cat is the smallest of all cheetah species. It is also the only one that lives in Asia. The Asiatic cheetah cat has a large, dark brown head, a black body, and a white chest. Its tail is long, black, and bushy. The Asiatic cheetah cat is a medium sized cat that weighs between 12 and 14 pounds. It has a short, thick, muscular body. It has a rounded head, a long nose, and large, round ears. Its coat is thick and soft. It has a long tail that is bushy, and it is slightly curved.

Caucasian Lynx Cat

The Caucasian Lynx cat is a beautiful cat with a golden coat and a distinctive look. It is a very calm and quiet cat. It has a long tail and a big bushy tail. It also have a white face and eyes, and black ears. The hair on its head is usually dark, and it has dark legs and a dark spot on their chest. Its coat is usually white or gray. It also has a black undercoat and a black tip on their tail. Its ears are usually pointed. The caucasian lynx is a very friendly cat.

Sand Cat

The Sand cat is a beautiful breed of cat with unique markings. It is known for its distinctive coloration which is a mixture of orange, black, white, and tan. The head of the cat is large and the ears are large, long, and rounded. The tail is bushy and usually held straight up or curved forward. The eyes are large and round and the face has a long nose. The body is long and lean with a very muscular chest and legs.

Asiatic wildcat

The Asiatic wildcat is a medium-sized cat native to Asia. It has a unique striped pattern on its body. It is similar in appearance to a domestic cat. The Asiatic wildcat has a very distinctive face and body, with a black head, white chest, a white belly, and a black tail. It has a short, thick coat and long legs. The Asiatic wildcat is mostly nocturnal, hunting small mammals and birds. It is also known for its ability to jump up to 10 feet high.

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