Why Is My Pregnant Cat Purring So Much? With Detailed Suggestions

Purring is a sign of contentment and happiness in cats, so it’s no surprise that your pregnant cat may be purring more than usual!

It could mean she feels safe and secure with you around her.

She might also be trying to communicate something important – like she needs extra love or attention during this special time.

Pregnant cats often need additional care: 

  • They should have access to plenty of fresh water; 
  • Nutritious food; comfortable bedding; 
  • Regular vet checkups for monitoring their health throughout pregnancy;
  • Plus, lots of affection from you!

Purring can even help keep mommy kitty calm while carrying those precious little bundles inside her tummy.

So don’t worry if your furry friend seems especially vocal right now 

just enjoy all the cuddles as much as possible before the baby arrives!

Do Pregnant Cats Purr More?

Pregnant cats purr more than usual.

This is because they feel heightened comfort and contentment due to the hormones released during pregnancy.

The extra purring helps them relax, benefiting both mother and kittens!

Here’s what you need to know about pregnant cat purrs:

  • Pregnancy increases oxytocin levels, leading to increased feelings of relaxation. This causes cats to feel calmer and happier overall – resulting in more frequent or louder purring.
  • Purring also has physical benefits, such as helping with pain relief by releasing endorphins into their system, making it easier for mom-to-be kitty to cope with labor pains when giving birth!
  • It’s not just mothers who benefit from all that soothing vibration either. Unborn kittens may even respond positively, too. Since vibrations travel through amniotic fluid, directly stimulating their developing senses while still inside their womb!
  • Lastly, some experts believe that regular low-frequency sounds like those produced by a feline’s gentle rumble could help strengthen bones within fetuses before birth. So don’t forget how important your furry friend’s comforting hum is throughout gestation (and beyond!).

Do Cats Purr A Lot Before Giving Birth?

Cats purr a lot before giving birth.

This is because they are in pain and need to relax their muscles for birthing.

Here’s what you should know about cats purring:

  • Cats use purring as an expression of contentment, but it can also be used when they’re feeling stressed or anxious;
  • Purrs have been known to help reduce stress levels in both humans and animals alike;
  • The frequency of the cat’s purrs has healing properties that may aid with bone growth, muscle repair, wound healing, and even reducing inflammation!
  • It is believed that cats will start to increase their vocalization (purring) rate prior to labor due to discomfort associated with contractions during childbirth.
  • During this period until delivery, kittens often become more active than usual. This could explain why some mothers-to-be might appear restless or agitated at times – all part of nature taking its course!

How To Comfort A Purring Cat?

Comforting a purring cat is easy and enjoyable!

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Talk softly – cats love the sound of your voice, so talk in soothing tones;
  2. Pet gently – use slow strokes along their back or head;
  3. Offer treats – give them something special like tuna flakes or kitty snacks;
  4. Play with toys – dangle strings for them to chase after, and offer feather wands they can swat at.
  5. Give cuddles and hugs – wrap your arms around them while petting lightly on their fur coat (make sure not too tight);
  6. Provide warmth – place a warm blanket over the cat’s body if it’s cold outside ;
  7. Spend time together – sit nearby and let them come up close when ready!

Purring is an expression of contentment from cats that shows how much they appreciate being comforted by us humans!

Wrapping up: Why Is My Pregnant Cat Purring So Much?

Purring is a sign of contentment and happiness in cats, so it’s no surprise that your pregnant cat is purring so much.

It could be because she feels safe and secure with you around her, or perhaps the hormones released during pregnancy are making her feel extra relaxed.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear to see why this behavior has become more frequent:

  • She needs comfort as she goes through physical changes due to pregnancy.
  • The sound of your voice can help calm her down when feeling anxious.
  • Purring helps reduce stress levels which will benefit both mother and kittens.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why your pregnant cat might be purring more than usual.

From seeking out companionship to releasing endorphins for relaxation purposes.

If they’re healthy otherwise, let them enjoy their newfound joy!


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