Cat Breeds from around the world – Asia

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Cat breeds from Asia: Birman, Siamese, Korat, Burmese, Japanese Bobtail and Singapura.

Cat Breeds – Asia


It is speculated that the cats first lived in the Buddhist temples of Burma. They have a white or pale-tinted coat with darker points.

The Birman’s coat is softer and silkier than that of a Persian cat. The Birman cat is also known as the Sacred cat of Burma.



Revered cats around the court of Siam. They have strong personalities and they are very vocal. Siamese cats be trained to walk on a lead.



A rare breed from Thailand, with large green eyes and a blue coat with a silvery sheen, it is a beautiful cat.

korat cat


The Burmese is not as vocal as the Siamese but is highly adaptable and will tolerate travel well.


Japanese Bobtail

A unique ancient Japanese breed with a short curled ’tail’. It is intelligent and will attach itself to the entire family.


Small and quiet cats. They have a street ancestry, living wild and seeking shelter in drains and quiet places.

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