Cat breeds from around the world – North America

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Cat breeds- North America

Opicat male

A stunning male Opicat


Named from the wild Ocelet, as it has a spotted coat. It is one of the few breeds of cat that will walk on a lead.

Peke-faced Persian

This is a variety of Red Persian cat. The face is similar to the face of the Pekingese dog.

Tortoiseshell & White Longhair

This cat has the three colours of tortoiseshell: black, red and cream. The fur is silky, thick and dense and the cat has a solid, broad shape.

Colourpoint Longhair

A long-haired Persian style cat which has breed bred from Siamese, Birman and Persian cats.

Lilac Longhair

A cat developed from selective breeding from the Himalayan cat. It has a Persian style pink-grey coat, with a solid, cobby body and has a thick tail with a plume.

Chocolate Longhair

Also developed form selective breeding from the Himalayan cat. It has rich, dense fur in a chocolate colour with patches of red, cream and brown.


A long-haired Siamese cat; the varieties are the same as those in the Siamese breed.

Maine Coon

This distinctive American breed developed from farm cats. It is a very large, sturdy, intelligent and it is an excellent family pet.

This cat has a shaggy, very thick coat which needs daily brushing to prevent matting of the fur.

maine coon cat
Maine coon


This is a cat with a ‘wild’ appearance but with the graceful body of the oriental breeds.

It is a mutation of the Abyssinian cat.


This is a long-haired version of the Manx cat. A lively, intelligent cat which tolerates dogs well.


The fur of the Javanese is long and silky and lacks an undercoat; the cat was bred from Balinese. It has a cream body with blue, tortoiseshell, lilac or pink-grey points.


A shaggy long-haired mutation of the Burmese cat in a seal-brown colour.


This cat originated from California. This cat has a very high pain threshold and therefore injuries may go un-noticed. It is cat which needs tranquility and may do best living indoors.

American Shorthair

A hardy, healthy cat which is larger and more muscular than its British cousin.

American Wirehair

This cat has a coat with a rough texture and a curly or hooked hair which springs back when touched.

Exotic Shorthair

A descendant of the American Shorthair, similar to the Persian cat but with a more manageable fur coat.

Colourpoint Shorthair

These cats are produced by mating Siamese with Abyssinian cats, producing new colourings.

Foreign Shorthair

Sometimes called- Oriental Shorthair, a solid coloured Siamese cat.

There are varieties in white, black, smoke, cameo, chestnut and tortoiseshell.


A cross breed of Burmese and American Shorthairs. It has a dense black and glossy coat.


A cross between the Siamese and Burmese cat. A very affectionate cat.


A creation between the Siamese cat and the Bicolour American shorthair. White paws indicate its name.


A hairless cat with a long and slender body, triangular shaped head and large pointed ears.



This cat differs from a Burmese cat only in colour; they are very affectionate cats.

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