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Why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?

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Why does my cat follow me into the toilet?

Does your cat always follow you into the bathroom? Does your cat sit on your lap while you are on the toilet? Why do cats invade our privacy and seem so interested in our toilet habits? Let’s have a look at why cats may do this ….

It is difficult to say with absolute certainty, however, it could be that they want our company and we cannot ignore them when sitting on the loo. They may find this an ideal time to jump on our laps and have a good cuddle up. They also seem to understand the purpose of the bathroom and are often fascinated by our toilet habits.
Some think it may be because a litter tray is kept in there, but not everyone with feline bathroom followers has a litter tray, so this is unlikely to be the case. Do cats feel they have you nicely trapped ready to give them all your attention? Some cats sit on your feet, some encase themselves in your pants and some jump on your lap. Others just watch intently…


What are cats up to by following us into our bathrooms?

Do our cats just like the daily routine and happily follow us on our trips to and from the toilet as part of the day to day habitual necessity? Maybe they have a fear of missing out by having the door shut in front of them. Many cats get quite stressed when left outside the door and cry, scratch and make it known they insist on being let in … this may be okay for us cat lovers but not so comfortable for visitors!

Safety when your cat has access to your bathroom

Cats also enjoy laying in sinks and drinking from toilet bowls, so it is important to ensure lids are kept down on toilets to prevent your cat drinking water with chemicals added from toilet cleaning products.

Why cats follow us into the bathroom

  • It could just be that cats are so very curious and it is in their nature to have access to all – just in case you are hiding something or doing something that they need to know about.
  • Some cats are also in the habit of guarding or monitoring their human – they just have to be with you.
  • It could be that they feel safer with you, rather than being excluded or is it that they feel anxiety when they are prevented from being with you and they know you are just behind that door?
  • Is it that they enjoy the sensations and smells? Warm floor, cold sink …

The answer could vary depending upon your cat’s personality and your relationship with your feline friend. Is your cat just nosy, dependant on you, demanding of attention, playing a game or just sharing your day? It could be all or none of the above… cats are complicated and sometimes it seems they set all the rules themselves, leaving us to try and work out their motives.

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I have to be with my human ALL the time …

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